[Video] How Golf was invented – from the perspective of the legendary Robin Williams

  • robin williams | theredneckgolfers.com

    Check out this video of the late Robin Williams. It's clear why he's a comedy legend in our time, even though he takes a jab at our beloved sport of golf.

    Robin Williams was a true legend of our generation, providing endless hours of entertainment to people around the world through his incredible performances in film and on stage.

    In the video on the following page you’ll find a clip from one of his live stand-up comedy shows, in which he is speculating on how golf was drunkenly conceived in Scotland.

    The way the story goes, a couple of drunken Scotsmen were socialising when one of them suggested his new idea for a sport. He would take a ball and try to make it fall into a gopher hole. When asked various questions by the other character, the drunk man’s supposed ‘sport’ just sounded more and more ridiculous.

    Source: I Love Golf Daily

    Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons