Rory McIlroy: All ready for the career grand slam

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    With the Masters inching closer, we also move closer to the possibility of witnessing history being made. Rory McIlroy will have the opportunity to complete the career grand slam of golf (having just the last major, the Masters, to complete it).

    And guess what, Rory looks cut and ready for it.

    Amid the steel beams and industrial chic of a vast Chelsea Piers gym on the West Side of Manhattan, Rory McIlroy is right at home—high-tech fitness shirt straining across his broad back, vein-popping forearms, sharply defined jawline, curly locks cropped close. Everything is sleek, strong and stylish. McIlroy is 25, and the mop-haired, slightly puffy, rosy-cheeked cherub who a few years ago couldn't stand on one leg for more than a few seconds is gone.

    McIlroy is in full workout regalia in one of his favorite cities not because he's meeting his sport scientist/ trainer, Dr. Stephen McGregor, for one of their intense 90-minute sessions, but because he's doing a photo shoot for the brand of headphones he endorses. But when an assistant brings a spray bottle to McIlroy to simulate perspiration, the world No. 1 politely declines before hopping on a spinning cycle to churn hard for a full five minutes. The moisture he raises could have been produced with a few well-placed spritzes, but McIlroy is pleased by the authenticity of his effort. With the same playful pride from the week before, when he tweeted a photo of himself lifting 280 pounds, accompanied by the message,Better never stops, he points to his damp shirt and says, “That's earned.”

    There is no zealot like a convert, and these days McIlroy is willing to invest whatever sweat equity will get him to the highest reaches of excellence. Last year McIlroy got busy like no other time in his life, following the direction of McGregor, swing instructor Michael Bannon and putting coach Dave Stockton. Even more, McIlroy reawakened his passion for golf. “It's what I think about when I get up in the morning,” he said after winning the British Open at Hoylake. “It's what I think about when I go to bed.”

    What do you think? Will we witness the Rory slam this year? Read the full original article at Golf Digest for more details of the story.

    Source: Golf Digest

    Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons 

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