Monster alligator invade golf course in Florida

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    When you have a name call “Big George”, we think any golfer will think twice before messing with the resident alligator. Although this ‘new visitor' ain't Big George, but it's demeanor is anything but less than the famed alligator than roams the Myakka Pines Golf Club.

    Last Friday, a group of golfers preparing to putt on the 7th hole when they allegedly spotted the massive gator making a beeline to the pond on the other side of the putting surface. It’s said that they wisely gave the big guy plenty of room — but did manage to snap a few photos as he lumbered towards the water.

    TheBlaze spoke with Myakka Pines’ general manager, Mickie Zada. She assures us that the photos as well as the gators on the golf course are “quite real.”

    According to Zada, in the club’s 37-year history, there are no reports of alligators attacking golfers. “They usually move when the golfers approach,” Zada said. Adding, “And we tell golfers to just forget about any golf balls that end up in the water.”

    Check out Big George's cousin bossing his way around the 7th hole.


    Source: The Blaze

    Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons