5 commons swings flaws cured with these simple tips

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    “Golf is a game of millimeters” I heard one teaching pro said once. The truth is it's annoying how some of golf's common swing faults can be corrected with just a simple adjustment.

    Check out the 5 simple tips to cure you swing faults now.

    1. Hanging Back

    Hanging back, or failing to properly shift your weight, is an easy habit to fall into if you’re not careful. So what do you do? Close the right eye (for right handers). Why you ask? Because if you fall back, you will lose sight of the ball on the downswing. 

    2. Restricted Hip Turn on the Back Swing

    Put your right foot back. Whenever you pull your rear foot back at address and leave everything else square, it will encourage a more free hip-turn on the backswing. 

    3. Too much hip turn on the back swing

    Pull the left foot back.

    This drill will restrict hip motion on the backswing and increase hip motion on the forward swing. 

    4. Find it hard to clear your hips?

    Turn your left foot forward.

    This left foot position helps to restrict hip motion on the backswing and zips the hips through on the forward swing naturally. This position at address is a MUST for the older golfers who are losing distance due to an arms-only downswing. 

    5. Too much hip slide?

    Turn the left foot inward.

    This drill WILL stop you from sliding your hips on the way through the ball, but BE CAREFUL!  

    By turning the left foot inward, you will place some stress on your left knee if you hit full speed shots, so PLEASE only hit quarter-speed shots with this drill or you might hurt yourself. 


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